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As we start the year off in 2007, The Temple University VOAD will start off with a new web site. The VOAD is based at Temple University's main campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is not only open to students, faculty and staff of Temple but also members of the community as well. We encourage all people to join and make a difference.

The VOAD was founded as a result of a very successful Katrina relief effort for critically needed durable medical equipment, which filled a semi truck. It was followed by an even more successful relief effort filling an even larger semi truck. It started with an incredible group of people that make up the Institute on Disabilities and the people that make the Temple University community a great place to experience joined us. With a few phone calls we had Facilities, Temple Police, Parking, Athletics, IT & Computer Services, Recycling and many others asking us what we needed. We also had considerable logistic support from PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency).

We were able to bring in donations from well beyond the city limits and throughout the state of Pennsylvania through the efforts of United Way, Red Cross,, ARC of Pennsylvania, PA Developmental Disabilities Council, Inglis House, PA Protection and Advocacy, United Cerebral Palsy, Pennsylvania Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT) and their partners, PA State Independent Living Council and many others

The true heroes at the end were the residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey who donated the equipment and volunteered their time when we had to gather the equipment and load it up and send it on its way to the LATAN organization in Baton Rouge, LA.

It is the hope that the Temple University VOAD will carry that spirit on and we will be able to put a permanent program in place, so we can prepare AHEAD of an emergency or disaster.

The VOAD is also very committed in supporting community activities that need support.

So join us and make a difference! Send an email to George Heake at [email protected] or call at 215-204-7177

The Temple University VOAD's primary supporters are the Institute on Disabilities and the Center for Preparedness, Research and Practice (CPREP) at Temple University.

About the Institute on Disabilities

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University is one of the sixty-one University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service funded by the Administration on Developmental Disabilities U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


The mission of the Center for Preparedness Research, Education and Practice (C-PREP) is to develop research and training initiatives in public policy, epidemiology, risk perception and communication, and basic bio-medical sciences to enhance public health preparedness and to mitigate the physical, psychological and public health impacts of natural and perpetrated disasters.

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