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Philadelphia Skyline with Cupped Hans in front holding a first aid cross

Institute on Disabilities at Temple University


The vision of the Institute on Disabilities is that there will be a society where all people of diverse cultures and abilities are included, recognizing that all are interdependent and bring gifts and talents.


The mission of the Institute on Disabilities is that, in partnership with people with disabilities, families and allies from diverse cultures, we work to change systems so that people can live, learn, work and play in the communities of their choice. The Institute on Disabilities is committed to supporting individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of interdependence, contribution, and inclusion. This mission is accomplished through training, technical assistance, services and supports, research, dissemination, and advocacy.
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What is 'accessibility' and why is it important?

Accessibility is about making your website available and understandable for everyone, including users with disabilities. W3 explains it in a great way at the Web Accessibility Initiative.

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